Acavallo Hoof Boots Black


Product information

Ultra-modern, shock-absorbing hoof boots from the Acavallo brand. The hoof boots are very elastic (all-way stretch) and therefore easy and safe to apply to the hoof, if necessary, the hoof boots can be cut to size. The comfortable hoof boots do not rotate and have no closures. The hoof boots are waterproof and impervious to rot.

The Acavallo Soft Gel is a non-toxic, breathable, anti-allergic and effective product that is also used in hospitals. The Soft Gel can withstand extreme conditions and loads and is washable. It does not absorb organic liquids, odors and does not support bacterial growth. The Soft Gel contains in its chemical-medical structure an extremely pure mineral oil that maintains the structure of the gel.

Packed per pair.

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