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BR Birth Bit With Rollers Sweet Iron 13 mm Blue/Silver

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Product information

This double-jointed ring is made of solid stainless steel combined with a sweet iron layer on the mouthpiece (blue). The mouthpiece is fitted with brass rings, which encourage the horse to play with the bit. This makes the horse more likely to β€œlet go” in the mouth. The sweet iron coating on the mouthpiece stimulates the production of saliva. When this material reacts with moisture, heat and air it will oxidize and develop a sweet tasting surface rust. This aids in the acceptance of the bit. The bit has a normal effect on the mouth. The mouthpiece has a thickness of 13 mm and the bit rings have a diameter of 65 mm.

This Bit Ring has an extra eye on the top and bottom of the bit ring. When the cheek pieces are attached to the upper eyelet and the reins to the regular bit ring or the lower eyelet, a leverage effect is created. The lower the reins are attached, the greater the leverage.

* delivery ring with rollers
*made from solid stainless steel
* Sweet Iron on the mouthpiece
* 13mm thick
* ring diameter 65 mm

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