Cavallo Riding Boot Linus Jump Varano Lacquer Black


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The Cavallo Linus Jump Varano Lacquer riding boots are suitable for adults and children. These riding boots are made of smooth nappa leather on the outside with a full leather lining. The riding boots have an elastic lace on the instep and have a zipper in combination with an elastic part at the back. These riding boots also have a loose insole to create a larger foot size, so that especially the youth can enjoy these boots for longer. The riding boots are finished with a curved patent leather hood in combination with Varano glitter material.

* Cavallo Linus Jump Varano Lacquer for adults and children
* made from smooth nappa leather
*leather lining
* zipper in combination with elastic part at the back
* lacing on the instep
* loose insole for creating a larger foot size
* finished with curved lacquer hood in combination with Varano in glitter
* view the size chart to choose the right size

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Measuring riding boots from the kneecap to the heel

Cavallo Linus Jump

The height of these riding boots is measured from the middle of the kneecap to the heel.

The Cavallo riding boots are available in a very wide range of sizes. The size chart below shows only a selection of the sizes we work with. If your size is not listed here, there is a good chance that this is a standard size for which in most cases no surcharge is charged. In this case take contact with us.

Delivery time outside the sizes we have in stock is about 6 to 10 weeks.

Sample size: 4-4,5 47/32
Foot size (combination size) 4-4,5
Height from below the kneecap to the heel = 47
Calf circumference at the thickest point of the calf = 32


Size UK 3-3.5  
Size NL 35 1/3 – 36 46/31
Size UK 4-4.5
Size NL 36 2/3 – 37 1/3 47/32 48/34 49/33
Size UK 5-5.5
Size NL 38 – 38 2/3 47/34 48/33 49/37 50/36
Size UK 6-6.5
Size NL 39 1/3 – 40 48/35 49/34 49/36 50/35 50/37
Size UK 7-7.5
Size NL 40 2/3 – 41 1/3 50/36