Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine 473 ml.


Product information

Super Bodyshine from the Cowboy Magic brand ensures a silky shine and a wonderful scent on hair. Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine works quickly and does not irritate. Spray the hair and wait. The formula ensures that the natural light spectrum is reflected, creating a maximum silky and clear shine in the sunlight or under the lamps of a show ring.

By using Super Bodyshine, a superior shine is created which is also dirt-repellent. Dust from the stable or from the ring is easy to comb out of the hair after the treatment with Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine. This makes the care of your horse or pony considerably easier and less time consuming. The long-lasting effect of Super Bodyshine will save you many visits to the washroom.


* apply the spray to clean hair and smooth it with your hands
* let it soak in before brushing or rubbing the hair dry with a


Do not use Super Boyshine under saddle while riding. The saddle can
this will cause it to slide. For external use only.

Contents: 473 ml

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