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Dobert Bridle Classic Bomber Black/Black


Product information

Top quality leather bridle from the Dobert brand. The bridle has a divisible headpiece and a straight model, padded browband. The crank noseband is 35 mm wide and also softly padded. The bridle comes with web reins with hand stops and buckle closures. This complete bridle has been bombed. This means that it has the look of a round-stitched bridle, but the finish against the horse's head is normally flat leather.

* top quality leather
* bombed
* stainless steel haberdashery
* divisible head piece
* soft padded crank noseband
*including reins

Dobert Classic quality:

The Dobert Classic quality guarantees top quality European leather. The
production of these bridles takes place at Dobert in Germany.

Additional information

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