Horse Fly Trap Ball Black


Product information

The Horse Fly Trap Ball is the most affordable "low budget" horsefly trap.

How does it work? When you lubricate the Horse Fly Trap with the special Horse Fly Trap glue, the horsefly pressure will decrease at the location where you hang this ball. Every horsefly you catch cannot spawn a new horsefly, reducing horsefly pressure in a few days.

Tip: Hang the Horse Fly Trap in several places to quickly and effectively reduce horsefly pressure. Make sure that the Horse Fly Trap hangs freely, even in windy conditions.

Why the Horse Fly Trap?

* cost-effective
* can catch up to 300 horseflies per day
* Catch 360 degree horseflies
* easy to hang anywhere
* light in weight
* environmentally friendly (no chemical pesticides)

Diameter: 45 cm
Circumference 140 cm

Additional information

Weight N/A



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