HorsLyx Garlic Balancer 650 Grams .


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Horslyx Garlic Mini. With the power of natural garlic. Horslyx is a food supplement for all horses, ponies and donkeys.

Use: Hold the bowl near the horse's mouth or put the lick from the bowl in a bucket. The bowl may not be left unattended with the horse.

Composition (in descending order of absorption): Dried cane syrup, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, pure vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, prairie meal, magnesium oxide, pure garlic oil.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Oils & Fats 6%, Crude Protein 6%, Crude Fiber 0,25%, Crude Ash 25%, Sugar (referred to as Sucrose) 30%, Calcium 2,3%, Phosphorus 1,6%, Magnesium 0,4%, Sodium 3,5%.

Additives (per kg): Vitamins: 3a672a vitamin A (retinol acetate) 25.000 iu E671 vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 4.000 iu 3a700 vitamin E (all-rac alpha tocopherol acetate) 1200 mg Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 220 mcg 3a880 Biotin 12 mg

Trace elements: 3b202 iodine (from 0,009 g calcium iodate anhydrous) 6 mg E4 copper (from 2,160 g copper sulphate pentahydrate) 540 mg E4 copper (from 0,40 g copper chelate of amino acid hydrate) 60 mg E5 manganese (from 1,290 g manganese oxide) 800 mg E6 zinc (from 3,00 g zinc sulfate monohydrate) 1080 mg E6 zinc (from 0,60 g zinc chelate of glycine hydrate) 120 mg E8 selenium (from 0,011 g sodium selenite) 5 mg

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