KNHS Test Booklet 2022 .


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The KNHS test booklet is a complete guide to dressage. In addition to the dressage and driving tests, the booklet contains an extensive description of the range of training and dressage exercises. You will also read what is expected of you by the jury per class.

In short: The KNHS Dressage Test Booklet is a must-have for every dressage rider and driver.

Tests in the KNHS Dressage Test Booklet edition 2022:

* F-trials 2016 (F1 to F15 version A and B)
* Tests BB to ZZ-Heavy (16 to 53)
* Department dressage L to ZZ (54 to 62)
* Freestyle to Music (63 to 65)
* Freestyle to Music Pas de Deux / foursomes (66 to 69)
* Dressage tests young horses (70 to 72)
* Driving tests (73 to 88)

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