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Lorenzini Water Snaffle Anatomic Single Broken 16 mm Grey


Product information

* only broken water snaffle
* anatomically shaped
* 16mm thick
* ring diameter 65 mm

The bits are made of pure solid titanium.
This not only makes the bits particularly strong,
but it also ensures that optimal use is made
can be made from the unique properties of
this innovative material.

In addition, the material has a smooth finish and feels
soft to the touch. This makes the material ideally suited
for the sensitive horse mouth.

All bits possess the unique properties of
titanium, the most specific properties of this
material for a horse bit are:

– Biologically inert:
the body accepts titanium, which creates a
greater acceptance of the horse

– Even temperature:
not too cold or too hot for the horse's mouth, cold
bits reduce saliva production

-Not magnetic:
magnetic fields can influence the behavior of animals

-Anti-Allergenic & Antibacterial:
ensures less irritation

- Smooth material:
prevents wounds

Additional information

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