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Passier Bridle Favorite Ingrid Klimke Havanna


Product information

The Passier Favorite havana bridle was co-designed by Ingrid Klimke. The bridle has a soft padded anatomically shaped headpiece cut back so that the horse hardly gets any pressure behind the ears. This headpiece ensures optimal comfort and pressure relief on the horse's neck. The special anatomically shaped noseband, like the headpiece, is softly padded and ensures optimal comfort. The curved browband of this bridle is finished with Premium Crystal stones in the color Smoke Topaz. The bridle comes with matching reins.

* anatomically shaped bridle
* made of high quality leather
* anatomically shaped headpiece
* pressure relief on the horse's neck
* Specially shaped crank noseband lined with soft leather
* flash belt loop lined with soft leather
* curved browband finished with Crystal stones
* brass buckles (gold colored)
* complete with matching reins

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