PresTeq Bridle FaySport Black


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The PresTeq FaySport bridle is the only bridle with 12 anatomical features.

This bridle from the PresTeq brand has been further developed after extensive research into the horse's head. The bridle is equipped with 12 anatomical features, so that the bridle offers optimal comfort for the horse. The bridle is shaped to the contours of the horse's head and therefore avoids important nerves, muscles, bones and joints. As a result, the horse has less hindrance from the bridle and the horse can fully concentrate on his training exercises.

This bridle is the perfect tool for the ambitious rider and is suitable for all disciplines. The bridle is made of vegetable tanned leather and is soft to the skin, durable and environmentally friendly.

* specially shaped headpiece relieves the neckband and the nerve ending at the top of the
neck. The pressure is distributed over two gel cushions on either side of the neck.

* the headpiece follows the shape of the ear, so that the ears are optimal
get freedom of movement

* special PresTeq browband attachment which ensures that the
no pressure is created on the inside of the headpiece

* the bridle avoids the jaw joint, making the lower jaw more relaxed

* the bridle avoids the cheekbone to prevent chafing

* the throatlash with this bridle is superfluous and therefore omitted, so that the
trachea cannot become irritated or blocked

* the ElasTeq system in the cheek pieces ensures an elastic connection with
the mouth and prevents too much pressure on the headpiece

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