PresTeq Socks ComPressTEQ Black


Product information

The PresTeq Socks CompressTEQ Black are designed in such a way that blood circulation is stimulated and you experience less tired legs while driving. In addition, the socks have a high wearing comfort and provide extra strength around the ankles and feet. The socks are seamless and are made of 49% Dryarn, which optimally absorbs moisture and prevents chafing, friction and blisters. The socks are also provided with anti-shock material at the heels and on the inside of the calves.

* high riding socks
* compression stimulates blood circulation
* made from soft, breathable Dryarn
* moisture-absorbent
* anti-shock at the heels and inside of the calves
* reinforced around the ankles and feet
* seamless stitching
* machine washable

Composition: 49% dryarn, 43% polyamide, 8% elastane

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