PresTeq Rein FayRein With Clips and Stops Black


Product information

The PresTeq Rein FayRein With Clips Black is an innovative leather rein with anti-slip on the inside for extra grip. The ends of the reins are provided with a soft fabric on the inside to prevent chafing on the neck. Thanks to the handy clips, the reins are easy to attach and detach. The clips are finished with rubber and a leather flap to protect the horse's mouth. The rein is 16 mm wide and fits comfortably in the hand. The reins have stops with a distance of 8 cm.

*learn rein
* anti-slip on the inside
* softly padded end to prevent chafing on the neck
* clip closure for easy attachment
* 16mm wide
* fitted with stops every 8 cm

Additional information

Weight N/A

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