PresTeq Fly Rug SmartProtection Gray


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A new model of innovative and technical fly sheet from the PresTeq brand. This blanket is specially treated with Repel Mosquito which ensures that insects stay at a distance. This way is the safest and most effective way to protect your horse against insects. The fly sheet is made of a 320 GSM polyester strong and tear-resistant mesh fabric which also has a UV-resistant effect.

The PresTeq fly sheet has front closures, gussets, belly flap, tail flap and elastic adjustable groin cords. The blanket also has a long neck that extends over the head with cutouts for the ears. The front closures are located on the side of the blanket, so that they cannot irritate the center of the chest and on the neckline. The elastic part at the front and at the withers ensures an optimal fit and also ensures that there is no pressure on the horse's esophagus. The special girth closures in PresTeq form provide extra convenience due to the handy twist and click closure. In addition, the blanket is lined with nylon at the height of the mane comb, front pluck, shoulders and tail flap to prevent chafing. The tail flap is extra spacious for optimal protection with a perfect fit.

* fly rug with fixed neck to over ears
* made of 320 GSM polyester mesh
* UV-resistant
* treated with Repel Mosquito, which keeps insects away
* chest closures
* running splits
* elastic groin cords
* elastic inserts for an optimal fit
* nylon lined at the mane, forepluck and shoulders to prevent chafing
* belly flap with special twist and click closures
* extra large tail flap with an optimal fit
* machine washable
* view the size chart to choose the right size

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Measuring horse blanket

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Height at the withers bottom length  Back length Collective name
     070 - 079 cm 095 cm +/- 070cm
     080 - 088 cm 105 cm +/- 080cm
     089 - 097 cm 115 cm +/- 085cm
     098 - 108 cm 125 cm +/- 095cm
     109 - 117 cm 135 cm +/- 105cm
     118 - 125 cm 145 cm +/- 110cm XXXS
     126 - 134 cm 155 cm +/- 115cm XXS
     135 - 141 cm 165 cm +/- 125cm XS
     142 - 154 cm 175 cm +/- 130cm S
     155 - 162 cm 185 cm +/- 135cm M
     163 - 168 cm 195 cm +/- 145cm L
     169 - 174 cm 205 cm +/- 155cm XL
     175 - 180 cm 215 cm +/- 165cm XXL