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QHP Bridle Sunna Black


Product information

Multifunctional bitless bridle decorated with rhinestones with a multicolored shimmer on the browband. Can be used as a side pull, jaw cross and chin cross bridle. Perfect when you use multiple types of bitless bridles or you do not yet know which type is best for your horse. The clips on the strings and reins make it easy to adjust the bridle.

* multifunctional bit bridle made of cow leather
* stainless steel haberdashery
* anatomically shaped headpiece that leaves the ear roots free
* wide noseband
* can be used as sidepull, cross jaw and chin cross bridle
* the strings for the jaw and chin crossed variants are fitted with clips
* the strap under the chin can be removed for the chin-cross variant
* soft padding under the noseband, closure of the noseband and the headpiece
* double adjustable throat strap
* supplied with matching web reins with clips

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