Rapide Leather Dressing 250 ml .


Product information

Leather is a breathable, living natural product. Rapide leather dressing is a cleaning and nourishing maintenance product, specially developed for leather. Ideal for all leather products such as bridles, harnesses, leather boots, but also for bags, belts, shoes, furniture, etc. Regular maintenance keeps the leather supple, water-repellent and extends its life. It prevents drying, cracking and getting dirty. The lack of any chemical additives makes Rapide leather dressing suitable for the finest leather types. It contains only natural cleaning agents and various gentle and nutritious oils.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Apply the leather dressing with a clean cloth or sponge, rub in well and let it soak in for some time. Then rub well with a clean dry cloth until the original shine has returned. Regular use keeps the leather beautiful, lively and supple. The leather is nourished by deeply penetrating.

Always try on an inconspicuous place, especially on a new piece of leather!!! Store frost-free. Do not use on suede.

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