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Sectolin Muscle Builder is a supplementary feed for horses. Sanconil is a purely natural, purely vegetable and high-quality supplementary animal feed that supports muscle building based on naturally grown and carefully selected freshwater algae.

Musle Builder naturally contains a balanced combination of high-quality ingredients such as: omega-3 fatty acids, 21 amino acids in a unique composition, antioxidants, minerals and carotenoids.

Muscle Builder with micro-algae, alfalfa and a fresh apple flavor is offered in a mini pellet that is recognizable for horses.

Muscle Builder contains a unique blend of 2 types of micro-algae: the blue-green algae Spiruline and the green algae Chlorella. Both types have long been known for the beneficial effects they can have on the resistance and recovery of sport horses. Lucerne has been used in horse nutrition for some time because of its beneficial effect on the building of muscles, bones and joints.

Muscle Builder is not doping.


Muscle Builder can be fed directly to the horse in the recommended dose for adult horses: 50 g per day (2 measuring cups), for small horses and ponies 25 g per day (1 measuring cup). Muscle Builder is most effective if given to the horse every day for at least 4 weeks. Your horse's constitution and stamina can improve after just a few weeks, depending on your horse's basic condition. The effect of Muscle Builder can be seen in the flexibility in movement, motivation, condition, shiny coat, muscle building (especially hindquarters, loin, back and neck) and well-being of your horse. A level measuring cup is approx. 25 g. This measuring cup has been added.

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