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Sprenger Snaffle Bit Dynamic RS Double Broken Aurigan 14 mm Gold/Silver


Product information

The Herman Sprenger Dynamic RS bits are characterized by the ergonomically shaped mouthpiece. The bits lie perfectly in the mouth and provide a soft and even pressure distribution on the tongue, encouraging the horse to chew. The Dynamic RS bits encourage the horse to accept the mouthpiece more easily.

In addition, the ergonomically shaped mouthpiece provides a quick and balanced effect on the tongue. This bit supports contact at the corners of the mouth in a very effective way. At the same time, the double-jointed center part of the bit is angled forward 45 degrees, giving it a very gentle action.

The ergonomically shaped mouthpiece keeps the bit in the correct central position on the tongue. The use of these bits gives the horse more confidence in combination with the rider's calm hand.

* double broken water snaffle
* ergonomically shaped mouthpiece
* mouthpiece made of Aurigan
* 14mm thick
* rings made of stainless steel
* ring diameter 70 mm

Aurigan ensures that the salivary glands are optimally activated.

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