Stassek Equidoux Anti Abrasion Lotion 500 ml .


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Stassek Equidoux for application on the tail, mane or coat with itching. Stassek Equidoux provides a relieving effect and prevents open chafing on the tail, mane and horse coat.

Equidoux is a skin-friendly solution against tail, mane and coat chafing: Equidoux is an anti-abrasion agent, which gives results against chafing of tail, mane and coat insofar as it is not caused by disease.

Equidoux is a mild care product with good properties. Due to its caring ingredients, the formation of dandruff is also reduced.

With Equidoux, the skin, tail and mane are protected against external influences, which can cause itching. That is why the tincture is also suitable for increasing the well-being of eczema horses. Many eczema horses get through the summer with regular preventive use without the known problems. Equidoux also works against hair breakage. The mane immediately becomes elastic and supple again. Equidoux can be used both before braiding and after unbraiding. For example, the moons at the end of the season are just as full as at the beginning. Equidoux is absolutely non-toxic and skin-friendly. Equidoux is based on selected, natural ingredients, which have been processed under the strictest quality controls.

Use: Equidoux is preferably sprayed or massaged in several times a day on the relevant places such as e.g. tail root, mane or coat. Equidoux penetrates through the long hair to the skin. We therefore recommend that you brush it in with a curry comb or hairbrush. The operation starts immediately.

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