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Stubben Double Broken Golden Wings Snaffle Sweet Copper 14 mm .


Product information

Stubben SteelTec double jointed snaffle bit with 14 mm thick mouthpiece and Golden Wings provides the ultimate protection for your horse's mouth. The bit is made of Sweet Copper with stainless steel rings which ensures better acceptance in the horse's mouth due to the pleasant sweet taste and also encourages the chewing process and saliva production.

* double broken water snaffle
* made of Sweet Copper with stainless steel rings
* 14 mm thick mouthpiece
* ring diameter 70 mm

The sizes 9,5 / 10,5 and 11,5 cm are sold as a pony bit and have
as a result, only a ring diameter of 65 mm.

Advantages of the Stubben SteelTec quality:

* no rough edges that could injure the horse's mouth
* extra long life due to the selected materials
* a special processing technology ensures that the drill holes and links
stay intact longer

Additional information

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