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Stubben Pelham Bit Easy Control 12 mm .


Product information

Stubben SteelTec double jointed pelham bit Easy Control resembles and works like a normal three-piece pelham. With normal rein pressure, this bit acts like a three-piece bit, however, when a corrective rein pressure is used, the action of the pelham changes into a bar.

* double broken pelham bit
* made of stainless steel
* 12 mm thick mouthpiece
* ring diameter 35 mm
* length of the scissors 100 mm

The size 12 cm is sold as a pony pelham bit and therefore has
even a ring diameter of 30 mm and the length of the scissors are 90 mm.

With a pelham bit you can create leverage by using the curb chain
to create. The tighter you tighten the chain, the stricter the bit. One
pelham bit can be used with double reins or in combination with palham
straps so you only need one rein.

Advantages of the Stubben SteelTec pelham bit:

* short scissors
* direct response to the horse with short rein movement
* flat hooks to prevent the horse's lips from getting caught

Advantages of the Stubben SteelTec quality:

* no rough edges that could injure the horse's mouth
* extra long life due to the selected materials
* a special processing technology ensures that the drill holes and links
stay intact longer

Additional information

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