Vertargil Green Clay Powder 750 gr .


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Vertargil Green Clay Powder is strong cleansing, rich in enzymes and contains many beneficial minerals. It has been shown to be an exceptionally good natural remedy for promoting healing of wounds and skin conditions. In horses, it can be used for tendon blow, mug, fungus and bruises. Vertagil super fine is also very suitable for an internal cleansing cure to rid the body of toxins and waste.

Composition: alumina, aluminum, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium and traces of hydrogen, titanium, chlorine, phosphorus, carbon, manganese and sulfur

Use: Slowly pour the desired amount of Vertargil green clay into a bowl (no metal) containing an equal amount of water. Let all this settle for some time without stirring so that the baby can absorb the water well. Drain off the excess water and the pasta is ready to use. It is advisable to use purified or well water, because tap water sometimes contains chlorine, which can adversely affect the action of the clay. The remnant clay can be stored, provided it is not closed and can remain in contact with a layer of water and with light and air.

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