Blanket repairs

You have come to the right place for blanket repairs. The blankets are repaired in such a way that they can be used properly again. With waterproof blankets, you should keep in mind that the waterproofing is in most cases no longer necessary in the event of tears or snags. By possibly using tear aid the blanket remains waterproof and in good quality, but this does involve higher repair costs. We only repair horse blankets that are delivered clean. This with regard to the sewing machines, so that they do not get caught by the sand and hair that is in the blankets.

Examples of blanket repairs

  • Nylon Front Closure Repairs
  • Nylon Front Closure Repairs with Quick Release
  • Leather front closure repairs
  • Cross girth repairs
  • Snags and cracks
  • Tail flap repairs
  • Attach Velcro
  • Attach finishing tape and/or trim
  • Neck piece repairs
Blanket repairs
Horse Blanket Recovery

Groin cords and cross surcingles are available separately in our range. View our webshop at the category blanket accessories.
If your repair is not mentioned in the above, please contact Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

horse blankets

Is the current horse blanket so worn that your pony or horse needs a new one? blanket† In this case we have a wide range of blankets from various popular brands such as Tomorrow en Harry's Horse† These horse blankets are available from us in many sizes and designs. Check out the waterproof winter blankets or stable blankets but also the eczema and fly blankets suitable for spring and summer.