Boot repairs

Boot repairs such as new zippers or snap fasteners. Come by and ask about the possibilities.

Zippers broken on your riding boots?

These can be replaced in most cases. Never as beautiful as the original, but we can also send it to the relevant supplier. This gives you the best result, but there is a longer waiting time depending on the supplier. We only send riding boots to the brands that we represent ourselves. All other brands are repaired by us.

Boot repairs
Riding boots repair

Riding boots brands we represent

Riding boots too tight on your calf? 

If your riding boots have become too narrow on your calf, we can also stretch them for you. With stretching you can make the calf circumference of the riding boot wider with a max of about 1 centimeter. This does not apply to riding boots with zippers, because the zipper can jump out. If you cannot make it with stretching, the other alternative is to have zippers made in your existing leather riding boots. You create more space with this than with stretching to a max of about 1,5 centimeters. When stretched, you also have the chance that the leather will shrink back when it is not worn. Stretching riding boots remains at your own risk at all times.


We have our own saddlery where we repair saddles, bridles and other leather work if possible. Also for certain blanket repairs you have come to the right place.