After 40 years of experience in the trade, we have our own saddlery where almost everything about the saddle can be corrected or repaired. We aim to complete most saddle repairs within 48 hours. If you want to be sure of this, please call contact Contact us so that we can schedule your repair work. Of course you can also contact us for all other leather work that needs to be repaired.

Saddlery tools

Rates repairs

All repairs outside the saddle repairs mentioned below are done in consultation with us and will always have to be assessed before we can give an amount. You can contact us for rigging repairs, blanket repairs, bridle repairs, rein repairs, halter repairs and more…

Rates saddle repairs

  • Correcting the filling provided that no other work is involved.
    In this case, the cushion at the front of the saddle is detached: from € 65,00
  • Refill saddle completely.
    In this case, the entire cushion is taken under the saddle: from € 250,-
  • Replace long girth straps: from € 35 each
  • Long girth butts replaced with attachment to the front boom: from € 37,50 each
  • Replace short girth straps: from € 30 each
  • All other saddle repairs are in consultation with us
Fill up riding saddle


Our saddles are padded with soft padding. This provides extremely good shock absorption, so that the horse's back is not overloaded.
Incidentally, the filling of the saddle will always collapse after use. It is therefore also important to have the saddle checked once every eighteen months with intensive use.

Riding saddle filling

girth punches

We only use good quality leather to replace the girth straps. Import quality is not possible with us. The girth straps are sewn back on by hand, making it many times stronger than by machine.

girth punches