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BR Busbar Snaffle Single Broken Magic System, Sweet Iron 14 mm Blue/Silver


Product information

BR brand single-breasted snaffle with the special Magic System in combination with Sweet Iron mouthpiece. This snaffle bit has a mouthpiece thickness of 14 mm.

Due to the Magic System, at normal pressure, the bit acts like a normal ankle broken snaffle bit, however when corrective rein pressure is used, the action changes to a bar.

Sweet Iron is the blue colored mouthpiece of the bit. Sweet Iron will oxidize as soon as it comes into contact with saliva and this creates a sweet taste, making the bit more acceptable.

* single broken bust snaffle
* 14 mm thick Sweet Iron mouthpiece
* shaped with the horse's mouth
* ring diameter: 65 mm
* Magic System with corrective rein pressure

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