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BR Bridle Southam Black


Product information

BR bridle Southam features an anatomically shaped soft padded headpiece with extra freedom behind the horse's ears. The curved browband is inlaid with genuine Swarovski stones. Both the throatlash and cheekpieces of this bridle are made of round-stitched leather, the cheekpieces of which are finished with blind hook closures. The bridle is equipped with a 4 cm wide combined crank noseband with round-stitched leather straps for attachment to the headpiece and has bit recesses on both sides of the noseband. This bridle is supplied without reins.

* anatomically shaped bridle
* made from high quality European leather
* softly padded headpiece and noseband
* browband inlaid with real Swarovski stones
* 4 cm wide crank noseband with bit recesses
* soft padded jaw guard
* V-shaped flash belt loop
* safety belt with protective flap behind the buckle
* silver-colored fittings made of chrome-plated brass
* excluding reins

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