Cavalor MudDoc Mug Salve 200 ml .


Product information

This mug salve is a 100% natural product. MudDoc prevents the adhesion of bacteria so that the mug does not stand a chance in the future.

Use: Disinfect the irritated skin and then apply Cavalor MudDoc.

Additional information:

Why is Cavalor MudDoc so effective against mug? Cavalor MudDoc is effective against mug because it contains NAB (natural antibiotic), a newly developed concept that works against the specific bacteria that cause mug.

Can Cavalor MudDoc be used on wounds? It is advised not to use Cavalor MudDoc on broken skin or wounds. Due to the effect, legs may swell.

Do I have to remove scabs from the legs before using Cavalor Muddoc? No, do not remove scabs from the legs before using Cavalor Muddoc. This can cause irritation spots.

Warning! Do not use Cavalor Muddoc until 24 hours after shaving to avoid hypersensitivity.

Additional information

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