Charles Owen Halo Luxe Glossy Black/Platinum


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The Charles Owen Halo Luxe Glossy Wide Peak has a large visor and, as the name suggests, is finished in a Glossy sprayed outer shell. This in combination with a "halo" ring made of platinum, which ensures a particularly comfortable and well-ventilated filling. The liner of this cap is removable and machine washable. In the back at the neck, this cap also has a comfortable role. This ensures an optimal fit with perfect support.

* exclusive Charles Owen Halo Luxe with large visor (Wide Peak)
* sprayed Glossy outer shell
* Platinum ring for optimal ventilation
* roll in the neck for optimal support
* ASTM F1163:2015, PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040 2014-12 approved
* adjustable in size by means of different sizes of liners
* view the size chart to choose the right size

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Measuring riding cap

Charles Owen Halo Luxury Wide Peak

How do I determine my size?

The size of the cap is easy to measure by placing one centimeter (about 2 cm above the ears) around the head. This size determines the size of your cap.

The Charles Owen cap Halo Luxe Wide Peak is only available in the M scale, which is due to the use of the loose lining can be customized.

  • Scale M is suitable for sizes: 55-M, 56, 57 and 58