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Excellent Horsefly Hunter Horsefly Trap .


Product information

The Horsefly Hunter is a very affordable horsefly trap that can be placed anywhere.

The Horsefly Hunter catches horseflies by tricking the female horseflies. The black ball is heated by the sun and moves back and forth in the wind. The horsefly is attracted by this moving heat source, because the horsefly thinks it is prey for her. The horsefly lands on the ball and flies up to the light disappointed. She then flies into the trap attached to the top of the funnel.

Advantages: * without insecticides
* without chemicals
* without electricity
* cost-effective
* easy assembly
* reduces horsefly pressure
* never blows by mounting to an existing object

Affordable, effective and can be done at a reasonable price
Horsefly pressure catch up to 300 horseflies a day!

The horsefly hunter is supplied without a suspension bracket.

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