Myler Bus snaffle Comfort Bit 12 mm Level 2 stainless steel .


Product information

Myler double jointed snaffle bit with Level 2 forward curved mouthpiece (MB04) 12mm thick with wide, low tongue port. This bit gives an equal pressure distribution and has a slight tongue freedom, so that the horse gets less pressure on the tongue. The bit has an independent lateral action of the mouthpiece.

The Level 2 bits from the brand Myler have a forward curved mouthpiece with tongue port. These bits are suitable for horses that need less pressure on the tongue. With the wide round ball in the middle of this bit, your horse or pony gets little pressure on the palate and this bit does not squeeze the horse's mouth.

The slots on the inside of the bit stimulate the saliva production of your horse or pony.

The Myler Level 2 bits are FEI approved.

* double broken bust snaffle
* wide round bullet in the middle
* low tongue port
* independent lateral action of the nozzle
* 12mm thick
* made of stainless steel

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