NAF EnerG 2 ltr .


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NAF EnerG 2 Ltr is an iron rich, fast acting, veterinary approved liquid supplement to improve the performance of hard working sport horses. NAF EnerG is not only rich in iron, but also contains the right balance of copper and zinc. Both important, supportive nutrients the horse needs to maximize the benefits of the extra iron, thereby also optimizing energy metabolism.

EnerG contains higher quality iron, copper and zinc than other similar products. This together with an unparalleled spectrum of vitamin B complexes, which collectively contribute greatly to the health and efficiency of red blood cells and thus optimize energy metabolism.

EnerG also contains Vitamin C for its antioxidant properties, along with Vitamin K to support how Vitamin C works. Importantly, EnerG only provides the nutrients needed to support blood profiles and energy metabolism. Therefore, it can be safely used in addition to your horse's existing diet and you do not run the risk of doubling the nutrients that are already sufficiently present in the daily feed during the care.

Instructions: Give the maintenance dose to support the energy consumption of hard-working sport horses. Give the high dose during peak exercise periods. Also an ideal supplement for horses with low blood values ​​and phlegmatic horses

Horses: High dose (3-5 days) 60 ml per day / Maintenance dose 30 ml per day

Ponies: High dose (3-5 days) 45ml per day / Maintenance dose 15-30ml per day

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