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NAF Prophet Hoof Moist 900 gr Black


Product information

NAF Hoof Moist is a natural product with double effect. Hoof Moist helps to improve hoof condition and is especially useful in the dry summer months for restoring moisture to the hooves. The product is also ideal for use with horses that spend longer periods on bedding or flax, which could absorb moisture from the hoof. The cream is oil and grease free and can be easily applied with a hoof brush, soft cloth or by hand.

Colour Black

Use: Apply daily with a brush or cloth and if desired several times a day. Test before use. Store in a dry place and close tightly after use. For external use only. For use in animals only.

Composition: Water-based cream with Eucalyptus oil, for moisturizing the hooves without applying a layer or barrier on the outside. This allows the hooves to breathe and the moisture balance of the hooves is maintained due to natural fluctuations.

Additional information

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