PresTeq Bridle FaySport Glitter Black


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PresTeq bridle FaySport Glitter. The popular FaySport bridle in a new look. The FaySport Glitter bridle is finished with a patent leather noseband with glitter edge and has a browband with rhinestones. This ensures the perfect combination between elegance and comfort.

After extensive research into the anatomy of the horse's head, PresTeq has developed the FaySport bridle. This horse-friendly bridle is the only bridle in the world with 12 anatomical features. By taking these 12 points into account, the horse is not hindered or blocked in any way and ensures optimal comfort. The bridle follows the shapes of the horse's head and avoids important nerves, muscles, bones and joints. The bridle is made of vegetable tanned leather, is gentle on the skin, durable and environmentally friendly.

* leather bridle with optimal comfort
* patent leather noseband in combination with glitter edge
* browband finished with rhinestones
* 12 anatomical features
*available in multiple sizes

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