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Stubben Olive Head Snaffle Double Broken With Sweet Copper 14 mm .


Product information

Double-jointed olive head bit of the Stubben SteelTec brand with an ergonomically shaped 14 mm thick mouthpiece. The bit is made of stainless steel and has a Sweet Copper ball in the middle.

* olive head snaffle
* double broken
* ergonomically shaped mouthpiece
* made of stainless steel with Sweet Copper ball in the middle
* 14mm thick
* ring diameter 70 mm

The Sweet Copper bullet in the center is made of 90% copper with 10% iron
aluminum that does not contain nickel. The bullet ensures a
better acceptance in the horse's mouth due to the pleasant sweet taste and encourages
also affects the chewing process and saliva production.

Advantages of the Stubben SteelTec quality:

* no rough edges that could injure the horse's mouth
* extra long life due to the selected materials
* a special processing technology ensures that the drill holes and links
stay intact longer

Additional information

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