WHIS Competition Complete Pink


Product information

The WHIS Competition Complete pink instruction set consists of a device for the instructor or instructor complete with headsets for the rider or rider. This set has a fully shielded private connection. This connection ensures that the connection is maintained in all cases when using multiple instruction sets.

The WHIS instruction set Competition Complete is very easy to use. After pairing with the transmitter, the device only needs to be switched on. The WHIS Competition set has a guaranteed range of 100 meters, making it more than sufficient for the dressage ring.

* transmitter complete with receiver in the color pink
* do not eavesdrop on private connection
* full automatic operation
* illuminated display with connectivity, battery and volume status
* listen and talk back function
* guaranteed 100 meter range (500 meters with lab test)
* replaceable battery with approximately 10 hours of use
* 3.5 mm input jacket for stereo microphone
* micro USB charging point
* 1x design earpiece (smaller model earpiece also suitable for children)
* 4x headset with windscreen with reinforced cable and flexible silicone
* 1x stereo microphone with mounting clip
* 1x extra trouser clip
* transmitter size: 7,5 x 5 x 2 cm
* receiver size: 7,5 x 5 x 2 cm
* charger with world plug
* comes complete in case with lock

Additional information

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