WHIS Quilted Jacket Coach Dark Navy


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The WHIS quilted jacket Coach is the perfect winter jacket for the colder periods of the year. The WHIS jacket Coach is equipped with an integrated system with which the heat can be determined on the back, in the pockets and on the front at the touch of a button. This is also possible using the accompanying app. The integrated system is controlled by a power bank with USB connection (not included) in the inner pocket.

The integrated system has three modes:

* Color Blue: Lowest temperature
* Color Orange: Medium temperature
* Color Red: Highest temperature

Via the accompanying Warm3 app it is possible to set the temperature
to be set more specifically. This can be connected via bluetooth.
Do not use the Warm4 app! This updated Warm4 app does not work
optimally with the Coach jackets and can even cause interference.

The WHIS quilted jacket Coach is made of a water-repellent fabric.
The jacket has the integrated temperature regulating system and is equipped
cuffs made of elastic rib material, inner pocket for the optional
power bank and an inner pocket for the WHIS instruction set with rubber ring where
the wiring of the instruction set can be passed through.

* quilted jacket (unisex model)
* water repellent
* integrated heat regulating system
* zipper
* pockets with zippers
* inner pocket suitable for the optional power bank
* inner pocket for the WHIS instruction set
* machine washable

Always use the optional power bank with the charging point upwards
focused. This so that the cable does not pull unnecessarily when the power bank is
connected. Using this way will prevent the button
comes loose on the outside or that the closure breaks.

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