WHIS Original Multi 4 Complete Multi-Colour


Product information

Instruction system WHIS Original Multi 4 Complete. Complete instruction set consisting of the WHIS Original transmitter and four receivers. With this instruction set more than 280 meters range is achievable without interference.

Receiver: The instructor teaches using the WHIS transmitter. With the accompanying receiver and the earphones, you can easily listen to what is being indicated.

Transmitter: The WHIS Original transmitter including microphone is used to give instructions to the rider.

This set consists of:

* 1x black colored WHIS transmitter
* 1x blue colored WHIS receiver
* 1x white colored WHIS receiver
* 1x blue orange WHIS receiver
* 1x red colored WHIS receiver
* 2x 220 v.duo charger with which both WHIS devices can be charged
* 2x microphone with clip equipped with noise support
* 8x basic earpiece suitable for both the left and right ear
* 4x design earpiece (smaller model also suitable for children)
* 4x rotatable earpiece
* 1x aluminum case with lock and shoulder strap
* 1x manual

Additional information

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